Has Urban Meyer turned his back on UF
By Brandon Kendrick
8, 2013

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer reportedly turned in Florida assistant coach
Brian White for an alleged improper “bump” violation related to the recruitment of
Curtis Samuel, a running back/defensive back from Erasmus Hall High School in
Brooklyn, N.Y. Urban Meyer led the Gator to two national titles before stepping down
after the 2010 season. He took a year off then returned to coaching at Ohio State.
Meyer hired White at UF.

Meyer says he had nothing to do with the situation and Ohio State’s compliance
department had everything to do with it. That can’t be true, right. How else would
OSU personnel find out about White’s violations?

An Ohio State spokesman also said Meyer was not initially aware that the Buckeyes
turned in Florida for a possible secondary NCAA violation. But a source with
knowledge of the situation told ESPN that Urban was totally aware and endorsed it.  
A second source said OSU has turned in Florida twice since becoming head coach
at the school. That same source believes Meyer is not telling the truth about his

Urban Meyer not only left Florida in the dust after leaving and eventually joining Ohio
State, but now he’s bringing more problems to the university.

Should Gator fans be angry with him?

Not necessarily. Coach Meyer led the Gators to two national championships and
brought a lot of success to the football program overall. I do believe that Meyer
should have turned in White while he was at Florida if he was aware of the situation.
Like always, he could have been trying to “cover up” for the member on his coaching
staff, which he was known for doing when it came to his players or other coaches at
UF. Now, Meyer is simply trying to watch his back and make sure his school doesn’t
face any violations as a result of went on in his past at the University of Florida.
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