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Moore Named WNBA MVP
By Sally Haase
22, 2014

               Maya Moore’s incredible season gets recognition by the league, before
the WNBA playoffs were set to start; the league announced that the Minnesota Lynx
forward is the 2014 MVP.  It is the first honor as league MVP for Moore, who was
named finals MVP in last season’s Lynx championship win.

               Moore’s campaign for MVP started on day one when the Lynx had to start
the season without Rebekkah Brunson, Devereaux Peters and Monica Wright.  
Even with three key players on the bench the Lynx did not miss a beat and that was
due to Moore stepping up and filling in when needed.  There were times when
Moore’s points were low, but she made up for it in in rebounds, assists, or her
pesky, swarming defense.  The Lynx are a very well balanced team, so if Moore
was having an off night offensively, and it did actually happen a few times; there
were other players there to pick up the offense.

               Moore got to show off her trophy to the Lynx fans before the start of their
playoff series against the San Antonio Stars and Moore certainly showed she
deserved the trophy during the game.  Guard Lindsay Whalen set up Moore on a
spectacular underhanded alley-oop play that could best be described as
Jordanesque.  A fitting comparison since Moore wears the number 23.  The Lynx
got off to a blazing start in the game, leading by 15 going into the fourth quarter, but
had to battle by the end of the game winning 88-84.  Moore led all scorers with 26
points and also made the stat line in rebounds, assists, steals and blocks.  And that
is how a stat line of the MVP should look like.

               Game two of the Lynx and Stars series will be Saturday in San Antonio.    
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