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Franklin Wins Big at Worlds
By Sally Haase
August 5, 2013

              Just one year ago we were learning about Missy Franklin, the 18 years old
swimming sensation when she put herself on the map as the face and future of USA
swimming at the 2012 London Olympic Games.  This year is another competition
on the second biggest stage in the world- the world swimming championships in
Barcelona, Spain.  Franklin swam in seven total events and won the gold medal in
six. She finished fourth in the seventh event, the 100 meter freestyle.  Franklin’s total
for gold medals in World Championships is at nine, a new record.  With the six gold
medal wins for 2013, she joined American swimmers Mark Spitz, Michael Phelps
and East German Kristin Otto to win at least six gold medals in either an Olympics
or worlds.  All of this has been accomplished before Franklin has even stepped foot
on a college campus.  It won’t be too many years before Franklin enters the
discussion as one of the greatest swimmers of all time, she is already well on her
way to being one of the most decorated swimmers in the world.  

             The sky is the limit for Franklin who will only get better and stronger as she
moves up to the training schedule of her college swim team.  As good as she is;
there can still be some improvements in her game.  The biggest of which is her
reaction time of the starting tone.  Franklin was one of the slowest off the blocks, if
not the slowest in one over her events over the weekend.  Once she cleans that up,
it will give her an extra few tenths of a second in the race.  In a sport where tenths of
a second can mean the difference between silver and gold, it is very important to be
in the water as quickly as possible.
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