Fantasy Football at the Quarter Mark
By Jason Behr
October 6, 2010

Hopefully everyone’s season is off to a good start I am 3-1 personally with the proverbial
bye week loss this last week.  I managed to have 4 starting positions all with the same
week off.  I am hoping getting them all out of the way early will help me down the road as
the bye weeks continue.

One thing is for sure the unpredictability of fantasy is on full display this year so far.  
Apparently the QB take over of the last couple years has hit a snag with very few big
names putting up big numbers so far.  I know Peyton is being Peyton with 11 TD’s and
over 1300 yards so far but when 2 injury replacements like Sean Hill and Michael Vick
crack the top ten something is up.  Only Phillip Rivers and Aaron Rodger joined by Kyle
Orton are averaging 25 fantasy points per game with Peyton clearing 30 + pts each
week.  Overall only 8 total QB’s are on a 20pt per game average and only time will tell if
this trend will last.

It is hard to say which leader board has been turned on its head more the wide receivers
with multiple number 2 guys ahead of their better known counterparts or the leading
running backs being Arian Foster along with Darren McFadden and Peyton Hillis joining
him in the top ten.

I have to go with the running back position with the de facto top 3 guys pre-draft in Chris
Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and Maurice Jones Drew being ranked 8th, 5th, and 13th
respectively.  I know Arian Foster is leading the pack thanks to his huge week one 3
touchdown and 200+ yds against Indy but he seems to be coming down to earth some.  
He has averaged only 100yds in 3 games since with only 1 score so his time at the top
should be short.  The other surprises in the top ten are Darren McFadden, LeSean
McCoy, and Jahvid Best all being in the top ten.  I can see both McFadden and McCoy
continuing their success but would not bank on Best with his turf toe issue doing much the
rest of the way.  Owners of other popular 1st round backs like Stephen Jackson, Maurice
Jones Drew, and Michael Turner should see a turn around shortly.  A team like St Louis
and Atlanta will not be able to rely on the pass as much, like they have early on and
Jacksonville’s schedule has been tough so far.

The wide receiver position has always been a crap shoot with so many factors like QB
play, play calling, and overall team success coming into play.  It has been a very rough
start for many of the top drafted receivers like Moss, Fitzgerald, Wayne, and Johnson.  
Each for a variety of reasons ranging from poor QB play in Fitzgerald’s case, to number 2
receivers coming to the forefront in Wayne’s and Johnson’s cases.  I don’t think many
people would have seen Kevin Walters and Austin Collie out producing Wayne and
Johnson so far.  Then again several well known guys that have been around awhile like
Anquan Boldin and Mark Clayton are staking their claims to top ten status.  Then there are
the top young wr’s that are making their cases for belonging at the elite level in Roddy
White and Miles Austin.  So far both players are producing on a solid and consistent basis.

Feel free to send me any comments or questions @ as usual.
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