Fantasy Football Know it Love it Live it
By Jason Behr
September 4, 2010

    With the NFL season a mere couple weeks away fantasy draft season
is in full swing from coast to coast.  When the NFL honestly looks at some
of the factors for its popularity fantasy football is easily in the top 5.  
Fantasy Football or FF for short allows the perfect outlet for friends to trash
talk to each other during the week and can another reason to watch more
football ever be a bad thing?  I think not myself.

    Participation in FF is not quite on the same level as say the NCAA
Tourney brackets but it is close.  FF is perfect for the casual football fan
who just wants to make his Sundays more interesting all the way to
hardcore research and stat guy.  You can put in as little as 10 minutes a
week checking your lineup or hours per week breaking down every
conceivable match up.  I for one approach FF from a casual perspective
and I don’t go too over board in my analysis.  I have quite literally watched
auto picked default teams win it all as well as the avid research and break
down guy.

    I am looking forward to bringing you weekly stats of the best/worst
fantasy performers and seeing what lies ahead with positional rankings
and my own analysis of game day match ups.
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