Fantasy Football Week 1 League results
By Jason Behr
11, 2012

I am Jason Behr and this is my first installment of my weekly fantasy football wrap up
for the 2 leagues I am in.

I am in 2 different leagues this year with one based in North Carolina called “More
Than Bragging Rights” (MTBR) and the other based in California called “The Most
Amazing League Ever” (TMALE), while I reside in metro Detroit.  

I started my year off by going 1-1 pulling off a close 89-84 game in my TMALE
league and getting beat by the wide margin of 131-96 in my MTBR league.  I also
had the dilemma of having Ray Rice and Hakeem Nicks playing for me and against
me, but they are each on separate teams for me.  I hope this situation is an anomaly
and not a common occurrence as the season goes on.  Fortunately Hakeem Nicks
didn’t really help anyone with his performance and Ray Rice got me my 1 win and
was not responsible for my blow out loss in the other game.

Oddly enough both of my opponents had Eli Manning as their starting quarterbacks.  
I thought his under performance of 10 points in my MTBR league, and 12 points in
my TMALE league gave me an early edge going into Sunday’s slate of games.  
However, Michael Vick on my MTBR team got off to a horrible start throwing 4
interceptions and one pick six for a total of -12 points in our scoring system -2
/interception and -4/pick six.  This gave him just 12 points for the week.  I knew he
was a high risk/high reward pick being the final starting quarterback selected in the
league, and I can only hope some high reward games are on the horizon.  Jay Cutler
on the other hand, who also happened to be the last starting QB selected in the
TMALE league did much better, netting me 19 points overall for a 7 point match up
advantage over Eli.

My win in TMALE came down to me getting one big 20 point game from Ray Rice
while LeSean McCoy had a pedestrian 11 points for my opponent.  We each had
clunkers at the other running back (RB) position with Michael Turner only getting 3
points for me and Trent Richardson doing the same for my opponent.  I had the
combined RB point’s edge but he had the combined wide receiver (WR) edge with
Demaryius Thomas and his 17 points being mainly responsible for this.  This
resulted in my opponent having a close 4 point edge at the RB/WR slots, but was
negated by my 7 point edge at the QB spot.

This meant the game would come down to those starting slots a little further down
the list like Tight End (TE) Flex Position (any TE, WR, or RB), Defense/Special
Teams, and Kicker.

I ended up with 2 very nice games in my TE and Flex spots that gave me a crucial
14 point advantage over my opponent. I used my 3rd round pick to take elite TE
Jimmy Graham and a late 9th round pick for Jeremy Maclin who I used in the flex
position.  I certainly needed this big 14 point cushion since my opponent won the
def/st head to head match up by a whopping 17 points.

Then low and behold my hometown Detroit Lions Kicker, Jason Hanson provided
me the final margin of victory by winning his match up by 5 points for a 89-84 win.

My MTBR game on the other hand was an ugly 35 point blow out that doesn’t take to
much digging to see why.  When a Kicker (K) out performs 4 other starters on your
team like Robbie Gould did this week for me with 11 points, you are in trouble.  I
didn’t have a single RB,WR, or TE go over 14 points and 4 of them were in the
single digit area.  

My most disappointing player was 1st round pick Chris Johnson who only got me a
paltry 5 points on the day.  He was also not helped by his team falling behind 21-3
early and saw his team abandon the run early.  

My only 2 stand out players were WR Percy Harvin with 14 points and TE Rob
Gronkowski with 12 points.  In case anyone notices I fully bought into the elite TE
head to head match up theory this year, and made it a point to land either Graham
or Gronkowski on my teams.  However unlike the match up advantage Graham
gave me, Gronkowski  only gave me a draw at a position I was counting on to win
big each week. Percy Harvin also saw his performance be negated by the other

My opponent on the other hand saw 5 of his 8 offensive starters get double digit
points with 2 of his players getting over 20 points apiece.  He had WR Julio Jones
get him 23 points and the aforementioned RB Ray Rice gets him 21 points.  Those
combined 44 points out scored all 5 of my RB/WR slots and the route was on.  It
was so lopsided that his def/st posted a higher point total than any of my starters did.
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