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Drunk on a Fence: Race fan's climb lightens tiring
Richmond race
By Kristen Schneider
September 6, 2014

The only thing that made the race at Richmond International Raceway thrilling was a shirtless
dude on the catch fence.

Yes, you read that correctly; a (reportedly drunk) race fan climbed on top of the protective catch
fence during the race. He made it to the top and relaxed for a while before finally being caught
by track officials. The fact it took that long for someone to realize his presence is shameful.
Also, this feeds the “redneck” stereotype pretty well.

However, it was pretty funny.

Aside from that, the race didn’t live up to the expectation bestowed onto it. The last race before
The Chase is supposed to be exciting, right? It was so predictable that Jimmie Johnson
guessed the top drivers –winner Brad Keselowski, Jeff Gordon, and Kevin Harvick—on Friday
after practice. Though Keselowski’s dominance was impressive, it was exhausting to watch.
The Drunk Fence Man was a needed break, but it just goes to show how alcohol can make
people do some crazy things.

Speaking of Johnson, the driver of the No. 48 experienced severe dehydration after the race.
He was carted to the care center after exiting the car and laying on the ground, unable to keep
himself up. It was a scary moment, and let’s hope he’s going to be okay.

The Chase field is officially set, and Keselowski is seeded at the top. It’s going to be ten weeks
of eliminations, talented driving, and nail-biting. Here’s to hoping it’s better than the race at

The Chase Field

Brad Keselowski (--)
2. Jeff Gordon (-3)
3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (-3)
4. Jimmie Johnson (-3)
5. Joey Logano (-3)
6. Kevin Harvick (-6)
7. Carl Edwards (-6)
8. Kyle Busch (-9)
9.Denny Hamlin (-9)
10. Kurt Busch (-9)
11. Kasey Kahne (-9)
12. Aric Almirola (-9)
13. AJ Allmendinger (-9)
14. Matt Kenseth (-12)
15. Greg Biffle (-12)
16. Ryan Newman (-12)
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