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Dalton & Ohashi Win AT&T Cup
By Sally Haase
March 2, 2013

WORCESTER, MA--  The 2016 Summer Olympics are three and a half years away
but the AT&T Cup is the first international event for gymnasts in their march to Rio.  It
was not as smooth as the London Games, but there are some young gymnasts who
put themselves on the map.  For the men’s side, Jake Dalton and Danell Leyva
represented team USA while newcomers Simone  Biles and Katelyn Ohashi
competed for the women.  London Gold medalist and Fierce Five member Kyla
Ross was set to compete in the cup, but had to drop out due to an ankle injury.  
Ross was there to give the fans a treat of her balance beam routine.  The
appearance in the event explains Ross’ lack of appearances and promotional
events with her teammates; she has been back in the gym training to compete in
upcoming gymnastics events.  

      Biles held the lead early until she had a fall off the beam that cost her precious
points.  She did comeback on the final rotation with a powerful floor routine that
gave her second place behind Ohashi.  Ohashi took advantage of Biles’ fall and
took the lead and won the event with a points total of 59.199.  For both women it
was there first exposure to an international competition and they will have plenty
more in the next three and a half years.  

      Dalton held the lead from the first rotation and never looked back winning with a
score of 89.398.  Teammate Leyva struggled throughout the whole event, his floor
routine was a disaster that he could not even finish.  He picked it up after the floor
routine but it was not enough to get him on the podium.  
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